Enrich, educate, heal, and open to your gifts with the Hay House Summit

While we are under lock down it’s an amazing opportunity to find time for personal growth. The Hay House Summit, which starts today, can help bring awareness, heal, and improve various aspects of your life. Topics covered include abundance, consciousness, energy healing, health, life purpose, mediation, personal growth and spirituality. You can sign up for this free summit here:


The format this year is a set of 8 series each covering a different topic with a dozen interviews with experts in that field and a free movie. It starts today and runs until May 14th. Each series runs for 3 days.

Use this opportunity to observe, grow, soothe and heal your soul (and whatever else needs some help right now).

I try to listen to a talk a day and scan the interviews included at start of the Series to pick my favorites. I am always glad when I make time for and take advantage of this free summit. The interviews are amazing and if the interview is not to your liking you can just switch to a new one. They usually have a let the universe pick your talk to listen to button too.

Hope this brings some blessings, hope, and peace into your life!

Hugs and healing and keep well and be safe,


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