How to remove energy of toxic people from your aura and space?

Do you want a secret weapon for dealing with the energy of toxic people in your space?? I had a negative person in my space. I saw my divine elemental guide, a Buddhist Yaksha, doing something that looked like they were erasing the energy of the person. They were covered instead with this opaque white light. The guide was erasing their energy by encapsulating it so it wasn’t entering my space (like an energy bubble surrounds the person) or affecting me. My guide said anytime I want unwanted energy from other people encapsulated to ask for help and say “erase, erase, erase”. I add “this person’s energy from my aura and space”.

What I really noticed as I watched was after they were finished, I felt a whoosh and saw my aura and light pop out, expanded outwards from my body. When empaths are around toxic people their aura can shrink in. I do regular shielding but I guess this day I needed a little extra help.  Try adding this to your cleansing and aura protection routine.  I asked my guides and there is no harm done to the person they are encapsulating the energy of.  Be empowered and give it a try and let me know what you observe!!

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