Meditation Training

One of the meditation approaches I teach is
One of the meditation approaches I teach is “Walking Meditation” where you meditate while you walk in nature

Did you know we have approximately 40,000 thoughts a day?  That’s a lot of inner chatter and noise. The goal with meditation is to quiet your mind and bring inner peace and happiness into your life.  I can assist you in developing a meditation practice that helps you become aware of thought patterns you have and start to  calm yourself and reduce stress in your life .  Once you start developing self-awareness, you will see how your thoughts impact your happiness or stress levels, and eventually and naturally learn to let go of thought patterns that don’t serve your highest good and become more present-minded and peaceful. I like to think of a meditation practice being a way to learn to control your chatty mind instead of letting your mind control you.

I offer group or one-on-one meditation training via Zoom to help introduce this essential practice into your life so you can experience the benefits of having a calmer, more peaceful existence. If you are intimidated by trying meditation in a group setting or have tried it but found you had trouble focusing or didn’t get the support and guidance you needed, one-on-one training would be a great way to introduce meditation into your life.

We will start with an initial questionnaire to focus on what your needs and issues are.   Then you learn a simple meditation along with techniques that help you relax and quiet your mind. We will discuss the common phases you may encounter as you grow in your meditation practice.  We will discuss your experiences after you try the short meditation and I will answer any questions you have and give you tips for your next session at home. You are given a program to follow at home.  Follow-up sessions are used to help you deal with focus issues, deepen your practice, and/or develop a more specialized program or customized guided videos for you.

Session Cost

The costs for meditation training are outlined below. Payment options Pay Pal or e-transfer sent to 24 h before your appointment.

  • Initial appointment ($110) the first appointment is an hour-long and includes a questionnaire to identify your needs and issues, a discussion about meditation,  a guided practice meditation, and development of a meditation practice plan for you to follow at home


  • Follow-up training (variable cost)

Here’s what one of my clients had to say after training with me:

“I took a mediation training course with Melanie with the goal of learning how to relieve stress. I was very new to meditation and Melanie was a very patient instructor. I have since applied what I learned and am now able to recognize and reduce stress in my life with the techniques Melanie taught me.”

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