Reiki Healing

Distant Healing 

I am currently only offering distant healing sessions. 

During the ongoing pandemic many new and existing clients have tried out distant healing and found they actually prefer it to in-person treatments.  Why?  On a spiritual level, they loved it because they were able to let go of any distraction, be in their own bed or comfy chair, and explore their expanded senses/clairs in the privacy of their own home. Most of my clients were surprised to report being able to sense more, when they were laying down, having their physical eyes and sense of sight closed off and and their third eye open, and not being distracted by having another person in the room with them.  

Distant healing is a core principle in Reiki and is the focus of Level Two Reiki, where you learn to send healing energy across space (to a person in another location) and time (to past and future).  A special Reiki symbol, Hon She Ze Sho Nen is used in the invocation to transfer the energy to another location. For people who have difficulty wrapping their head around this concept, I use the analogy of receiving a cell phone call on an air plane or an email containing a picture.  It’s just waves of sound and light being transmitted to another location.  The same concept applies with Reiki energy being transmitted to another location.

How it works on my end, is a I conduct the session on my massage table with a picture or your address representing you (as a proxy or substitute energy connection) and go through all the same motions as an in person session, just like you are lying on the table.  I sense the same energy and obtain the same information about your energy body as I do in an in-person session. 

The entire session takes place on Zoom. To start the session, we connect and discuss your intentions and how you have been since our last session. If this is your first Reiki session, we talk about why you are trying Reiki and what sensations you might experience. Then you lay back, relax, close your eyes, and receive for the Reiki portion.  The camera will be off for this portion of the session so it’s totally private, but audio will be on so you can hear what I am observing and share what you are experiencing or ask questions. Then, if you are adding an angel life-coaching session, which most people do, we reconnect on camera and I share guidance. You will get detailed notes highlighting findings from your session and guided homework after the session, so you can continue to work on yourself.  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of life force energy in the body, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability.  The session focuses on balancing energy in the energy centers of the body (called chakras).

The type of Reiki I practice is called Unified Reiki, which represents a combination of Usui Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki.   I have completed all four levels of Unified Reiki and am a Reiki Master, which allows me to perform attunements and teach Reiki to others, in addition to giving treatments.  I have completed the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) practicum requirements and am a certified Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher.

Session Cost

The cost for Reiki healing sessions are outlined below. Payment options are PayPal or e-transfer sent to 24 h before your appointment.

Standard session (1 hr) – $110



Longer session (1 hr) with 1/2 hr add-on Angel Life Coaching (1 1/2 hr) – $165



45 min session with 15 min add-on Angel Life Coaching (1 hr) – $110



30 min distant healing session (for friend or family member) – $80




Session Options

I can tailor an in-person Reiki session to your needs and include traditional energy balancing/blockage removal, as well as specialized techniques (e.g., breaking habits or ties to old relationships, people, situations that are no longer of use to you).  I also incorporate the use healing sounds, guided meditations/visualizations, and Reiki-charged crystals in my treatments.    A standard session is 1 hour long. Most of my clients opt for a 45 min Reiki and 15 min Angel Life Coaching combination.

I am an intuitive healer and use information I receive and sense to guide and direct the session. I do also receive a stream of intuitive guidance and give you the client the option of receiving the messages that come through by adding on an Angel Life Coaching Session or Card Reading (I am certified for both).  You can also of course choose to have a standard Reiki session which does not include channeled guidance.  Most people, however, do find information received resonates deeply with them and is helpful and healing.

What to Expect during a Reiki Session

You will need a Zoom account and camera for the session. I will send you a link.  The session takes place with you lying down or sitting comfortably in a quiet space. You can light candles or put on soothing music in your space to help yourself relax. 

We will have an initial chat. Then, I will scan your body to see if I sense any bigger blockages. Next, I will send energy to each of your 7 main chakras on the front of your body.  Then,  I will work down your arms and legs, to your feet. I will balance and connect the 7 chakras along your back. Then, finish the session by sweeping your auric layers. If requested, at end of session energy can be sent to specific areas needing help. People generally find a session very relaxing, soothing, and rebalancing.

The experiences of people receiving Reiki energy vary.  You may feel temperature changes (cold or heat) coming from my hands, pulsing or tingling sensations, or you may feel nothing at all.  You can trust that the Reiki energy is going where it is needed regardless of what you experience.

Reiki energy works harmoniously with all other wellness/medical treatments and can help with healing your mental, physical, emotional issues.  It is strongly recommended that you do not discontinue any medications or treatments you are currently receiving, without discussing it with the wellness/medical practitioner who is guiding your treatments/care.

Recent Testimonials

“I count myself as blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Melanie over this past year receiving both distance Reiki and Arcturian Healing and Angel Life Coaching sessions. I feel that Melanie is a profoundly skilled and gifted healer and that her intuitive awareness and capacity to provide meaningful guidance is without question. Melanie has been a wonderful resource to me during a difficult and trying time in my life and I humbly thank her for her empathy, kindness, and sincerity. When one feels so lost and confused in this world we often need to turn to others for compassion and direction and there could not be a better choice in my opinion than Melanie.”

“I found Melanie’s name and website over a year ago during a search for an energy healer on the north shore and I have never looked back! She introduced me to Reiki energy, which really resonates with me. Along with attending regular healing sessions with Melanie, I have taken her Reiki Level 1 training and regularly do self-healing. This integrates with my daily meditation practice. I consider Melanie a wise mentor and coach in my spiritual development. She is an authentic, ethical, caring healer and the messages she transmits from my guides are extremely useful and encouraging – life changing, really. I feel better grounded and happier than I have ever been in my life. My connections with other people are greatly improved, especially with family members. Melanie is a warm and welcoming person – meet with her and see what good things happen in your life :)”

“I was introduced to Reiki (and Melanie) through a friend a few years ago. The location is easy to get to, with ample street parking. The treatment room is calming and tranquil. I loved getting Reiki so much that I ended up taking course there as well. Reiki share’s with fellow students are great. Melanie is knowledgeable and gifted. I feel blessed to have been led there. Best part of Reiki is that I can just lay there and receive. Self-Reiki has become a regular part of my life, and regular sessions at Just Breathe Reiki are a regular part of my wellness routine. To all you curious ones….I highly recommend you give it a try! Blessings!!”

“With all the available Reiki practitioners in the Vancouver area, I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Melanie. Her treatments are so unique as she is not only able to identify and clear energy blockages, but she gives insightful and compassionate advice as to why certain blocks are present. I always leave our sessions feeling clear and focused. Having a session with Melanie is like peering into your own subconscious mind – she identifies (with stunning accuracy) certain behavioural patterns and challenges present in your current life. Her insights never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Melanie for your compassionate healing.”

“I started seeing Melanie for Reiki treatments and Angel Coaching in order to deal with issues related to work and simply life in general. I found her approach to be sincere, gentle and compassionate. Trust was established very easily and for me, that is no ordinary task. Melanie has given me many tools to use in my life in order to control stress and to see the magic in life itself. I was extremely honoured when she invited me to join in her Level 1 Reiki class. It takes place over a few weeks so that one is given time to absorb the information being presented. I found that this approach was ideal for my learning needs. In class, her information is outlined logically and completely and for me, this approach further reinforced my trust in her and allowed me to process the information effectively. Class size is small which allows for friendly and intelligent instruction and discussion in a non-threatening environment. I trust and value Melanie completely. I am extremely thankful that she is a part of my life’s path.”

“Just Breathe Reiki is a tranquil place to experience the healing power of Reiki. Melanie is an accomplished practitioner with a calm, professional manner and she really knows her work. I leave my sessions feeling energized and comfortable. It is always an excellent experience and I have seen positive results from my treatments.”

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