Angel Life Coaching

I offer Angel Life Coaching  sessions to my clients as either separate stand-alone treatments or in combination with other treatments. Angel life coaching is intuitive life coaching.

I am a certified Archangel Life Coach (ALC) and Angelic Medium. Initially, I took these courses to better understand and work with intuitive information I was receiving during Reiki sessions and to better understand my gifts. I discovered intuitive life coaching helps compassionately guide my clients on their healing journeys.  I share insights during the session.  To continue with your healing work, after each session you will receive guided homework where you work on aspects of what came to light during the session and you complete this homework in between sessions. Homework may include working with your chakras, completing daily visualizations, guided meditations, forgiveness work, working with affirmations, and developing daily spiritual practices, like a gratitude practice, that support you and help you feel connected to Source and your guides and your intuition. It is all personalized. Clients find this form of guided life coaching to be very helpful in deepening their connection to source, opening to their expanded senses/gifts, guiding them on their path (e.g.,  finding their purpose in life and overcoming obstacles that block their happiness and flow), and finding that inner joy and love. My clients find the intuitive life coaching and guidance they receive resonates deeply with them and helps them open, heal and release and move forward on their path. I use the analogy that the information waiting to be received is like the priority messages in your e-mail inbox sent by Spirit to help you reach your full potential, let go of the past and live your best life.

During the session, I also identify particular guides that are working with you in this lifetime and the context of their work with you (are they a life-long guide or are they working with you on a specific task or issue). This allows you to know who to connect with and ask for assistance from after a session. We truly are not alone and it is so amazing when I see my clients start to receive their own guidance and to connect with their guides.

Angel life coaching is life changing! Most of my clients combine this service with a Reiki session.


In addition to the above-mentioned courses, I have also studied Psychic Portals with James Van Praagh and various  courses with Doreen Virtue and John Holland. I am also a certified Angel Tarot Card Reader who studied in person with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

These services are also offered through a combination of Skype/email for those who live outside Vancouver.

Session Cost

The costs for angel life coaching are outlined below.  Payment through PayPal or e-transfer must be made before 24 h in advance of your appointment to

1/2 hr session with Angel Life Coaching – $80


1 and 1/2 hr session with 1 hr Reiki treatment and 1/2 h Angel Life Coaching – $165



Here is what some clients have recently said about their Angel Life Coaching sessions:

“I count myself as blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Melanie over this past year receiving both distance Reiki and Arcturian Healing and Angel Life Coaching sessions. I feel that Melanie is a profoundly skilled and gifted healer and that her intuitive awareness and capacity to provide meaningful guidance is without question. Melanie has been a wonderful resource to me during a difficult and trying time in my life and I humbly thank her for her empathy, kindness, and sincerity. When one feels so lost and confused in this world we often need to turn to others for compassion and direction and there could not be a better choice in my opinion than Melanie.”

“I found Melanie’s name and website over a year ago during a search for an energy healer on the north shore and I have never looked back! …. I consider Melanie a wise mentor and coach in my spiritual development. She is an authentic, ethical, caring healer and the messages she transmits from my guides are extremely useful and encouraging – life changing, really. I feel better grounded and happier than I have ever been in my life. My connections with other people are greatly improved, especially with family members. Melanie is a warm and welcoming person – meet with her and see what good things happen in your life :)”

“Where do I begin.  I have never submitted a testimonial before as I felt that it was just a way for the “company” to promote themselves.  But this is different, very different.  My wife and I have been blessed to have found Melanie and “Just Breathe Reiki “.  My journey, (nee – in fact our journey together) has been one of rediscovery, healing and guidance.  My first Reiki and Angel reading with Melanie I think I “stumped” her.  “Twin Flame” is what she heard.  (Now I know that my wife and I are soul mates, but “Twin Flame” was news to me, on a certain level it did not phase me as intrinsically as it made sense.)  For those that know, to find your twin flame in a lifetime is a rare thing indeed.  But to be on this journey of Spiritual Growth, Healing and discovery at the same time as finding each other is truly rare indeed, and has deepened our love and commitment to one another.  We may of come to know this in time, but we were clearly in the right place and time.  Thanks Melanie, and thank you to all of our Spirit Guides ,Angels, and Elemental Spirit Guides who have guided us on our way.  Pan, you are the MAN!!!

I have enjoyed my sessions with Melanie and can’t wait for the next session.  There is much homework to do and this work with healing and growth mean that the time between sessions lengthens.   But I look forward to them when I am blessed enough to do so.

For those who have not been to a Reiki Session or have had an Angel Reading, are skeptical and unsure, I understand.  But to borrow a phase from some of our greatest minds.  ” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results”   What is it to be brave?  It is taking a step and moving forward in a new direction in spite of the fear that is felt.  So I say,  Be brave, take the step that you know and feel to be right and true in your heart.  Take a chance and see, you might just find yourself on a new path, perhaps a little further down the path you are on.  Where ever it leads you –  you can be sure that you are in good hands, you will be safe and supported.   It has changed my life and my wish for you is that you find your own path that you are meant to be on, even if it is not with Melanie and Just Breathe Reiki.  Namaste to All ”

“We had a great time. This was our first time for both me and partner. We are both amazed. We definitely recommend her for anyone who needs clarity and guidance. We are so happy with our time with her help in our lives. She is great teacher and guide in our lives.. We are both very satisfied and will definitely be coming back.”

“Her training as an Archangel Life Coach provides an additional layer to the insights Melanie is able to provide to her clients…. my session has left me with such clear insight into my current situation and what I need to work on to move forward. “

“I’ve been doing Reiki and Angel Life Coaching treatments with Melanie for 6 months now. It really helps me because I was going through a tough emotional time with a lot of patterns from the past , which came back into my life. I was filled with anger, sadness, and stopped enjoying life. Melanie has helped me to get my faith back through the guidance she offers and to release blockages. She always gives wise advice, fills you with good and powerful energy, and has a really good ability to listen. You feel free to talk about anything with her and never feel judged. A great thing as well, you always have a summary about your treatments by email, then if you have missed something, you can always check it out! I am really grateful that life has brought me to Melanie.Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Melanie is without a doubt one of the most gifted, intuitive, caring Reiki practitioners I have ever had the good fortune to visit. I always leave feeling on top of the world, and her amazing gift as an Angel Life Coach just adds even more to my treatments. An hour always passes far too quickly in Melanie’s company!”

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