Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses

Upcoming Courses

The current schedule for 2023 courses is as follows (schedule subject to change):

  • Level One: 10 am to 12 pm, Saturday Feb 11 to Mar 4, 2023
  • Level One: 10 am to 12 pm, Saturday April 1 to Apr 22, 2023
  • Master Practitioner (Level Three): variable class time, late April to mid-May 2023
  • Level Two: 10 am to 12 pm, Saturday May 27 to June 17, 2023
  • Master (Level Four): Summer/Fall 2023

Please contact me regarding upcoming courses at Covid protocols noted below may increase or decrease depending on number of cases and hospitalizations occurring at that time and health concerns of students in attendance will be finalized a week before your course starts.

Covid Protocols

CoVid protocols for in-person courses for safety of myself and my students include:

-masks will be worn for practice table session and may also be required throughout the course depending on health concerns of participants

-class sizes will be limited to no more than 4 students

-no refreshments will be served

-practice session will not take place in my treatment room and will take place in a larger more ventilated space

-windows and an air purifier will be used to increase ventilation

-students will sanitize their hands prior to their practice session

-other protocols will be used to ensure frequently touched surfaces, massage table, etc. are kept clean.

Unified Reiki and My Background 

The type of Reiki I practice is Unified Reiki, which represents a combination of traditional Usui Reiki and earth-based Tera Mai Reiki.  Unified Reiki has 4 levels and requires 6 months of practice between each level to build your sensitivity and skill and open to the energy. This also means when you become a Reiki Master you have completed a meaningful course of study (which take a minimum of a year and 10 months) and developed some mastery of Reiki and expertise as a healer.  I completed Level 1 in 2010 and obtained my Master certification in 2012.

Being a Reiki Master means that in addition to giving treatments I can teach Reiki to others and give attunements to open students to Reiki energy. I am a Registered Teacher (RT-CRA) and Registered Practitioner (RP-CRA) with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA). My classes follow the curriculum outlined by the CRA and certificates received by my students are recognized by the CRA. Taking my Level One Reiki really changed the path my life has taken and Reiki has been such a gift in my life; I feel truly honoured to be able to share that with you!

Please note the CRA does not permit online courses.

Course Cost

A non-refundable $100 deposit is due at registration or 1 month before your course starts and full payment is due at start of first class. Payment options are PayPal or e-transfer sent to 24 h before your appointment.

Deposit (Non-refundable) $100

Level 1 (Full Course Fee)
– $450

Level 2 – $550

CRA Reiki Master Practitioner
Level (RMP; formerly Level 3) – $650

CRA Reiki Master/Teacher (formerly Level 4) – $1100


Course Schedule, Duration, and Size


Courses, which are scheduled monthly, take place in my home studio and include both theory and hands-on practice.

The duration of the course for first 3 levels is approximately 8 hours, which is split into 4 separate classes. The Reiki Master/Teacher course (fourth and final level) is approximately 12 hours in length. The courses are split up in this manner to allow you to slowly open to and become immersed in the Reiki energy over the course of a month so you can feel it’s effects on your mind, body and spirit. Feedback I’ve received from students, including those who have studied Reiki previously in a one-day course format, has been that they much preferred this format because it gave them the opportunity to open to and experience the energy gradually, without getting overwhelmed.  Students also love having an opportunity to practice the assigned homework during the week and then share their experiences and bond with their fellow students and me over the month. It really does makes for a much more profound, sacred and special experience.

Class size is generally limited to 2 to 6 students.

Course Content and Prerequisites

Topics covered in Reiki Level 1 include theory and discussion of Reiki history and principles, chakras, learning Reiki symbols and hand positions, learning how to perform Reiki on yourself and chair and table sessions on others, hands-on experience practicing Reiki.  During the first class, you will receive an attunement, which opens you up to the Reiki energy.  You will also receive a comprehensive manual and certificate upon completion of the course. More detailed information on outlines for higher Levels is available on request. All courses follow curriculum requirements outlined by the Canadian Reiki Association.  Attunements are only performed as part of an in-person class (i.e., no distance attunements).

My Reiki courses are comprehensive and go beyond the basics. I have included additional topics I that I believe are highly beneficial to Reiki students/practitioners.

I require my students to complete 6 months of practice  at a given level prior to studying the next level of Reiki.

Comprehensive manual and certificate included with course
Comprehensive manual and certificate included with course

Teaching Materials

I put a great deal of work and thought into developing materials for my courses and students. In my previous profession, I wrote a large number of technical scientific reports, which required me to present detailed and complex information clearly, concisely, and make the “take home messages” clear. I’ve used those skills to develop course manuals that are  well-organized, easy-to-follow, concise, clear, and complete  (with page numbering, cross-referencing and a table of contents).   For any techniques you will learn, there are clear, numbered, step-by-step instructions that will allow you to easily practice what you learned in class and develop confidence. Feedback from students who have studied Reiki with other teachers has been that they were surprised at how professional, thorough and instructive the manual is. For students who do study to Master/Teacher level with me, this also means you will have professional-looking electronic manuals that you can easily print for your students or copy and paste content from into your own electronic documents.  Course manuals are 50 to 60 pages long, with exception of Master/Teacher manual, which is approx. 150 pages long.

My Teaching Background and Philosophy

I am an experienced teacher. Prior to working the health and wellness field, I worked as an Aquatic Toxicologist for many years and hold a B.Sc. (Env. Sci.) and M.Sc. (Zoology) . I have experience teaching, explaining techniques, and mentoring students/staff. I use expertise I developed teaching in a university setting as a Teaching Assistant and mentoring junior staff in my former career in developing course materials and teaching Reiki classes and answering questions. I consider it an honour to share what I know and have experienced with my students and to provide a safe and comfortable environment to allow students to explore and get comfortable with learning their new-found skills and gifts and enjoying their spiritual path. I feel the relationship between the Reiki Master and student is sacred and promise to do my best guiding you on your path and helping you to experience and share the beauty of Reiki.

class pendulum
Students learning how to use their pendulums (and finding out they both bought the same pendulum)


Here are a few testimonials from my students (if you want to read more about what my students have to say see the Bio and Testimonials page):

“ I completed all 4 levels of Reiki with Just Breathe Reiki and I truly loved every second of them. Melanie is patient, kind, funny and exceptionally knowledgeable. She also makes herself always available for questions or insight, which is very much appreciated when your gifts start to present themselves. The way she runs the courses over a 4 week period allows you to practice and follow up week by week, I feel as though these courses would be far too overwhelming to complete in a day or a weekend. I am very grateful to have taken my journey with Melanie and I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better mentor. I would have no hesitation in recommending her, either as a teacher or a practitioner. Thank you for everything Melanie! “

“My very first Reiki session was with Melanie and even though I didn’t feel the healing energy while I was being treated, I felt amazing afterward and through the next several days. This was enough to convince me that I needed to learn to do Reiki on myself. I booked into her level 1 class a few months back and practice Reiki on myself and my dog every day (she loves it too). It took a while for me to actually feel the energy going through me, and I still don’t feel it all the time, but I know it is there and my sensitivity is growing. It is so fascinating to experience the subtle changes that are happening within me, and I am excited to see what’s next. I look forward to learning the next levels of Reiki with Melanie, and thank her with all my heart for her participation in my growth.”

“I found Melanie’s name and website over a year ago during a search for an energy healer on the north shore and I have never looked back! She introduced me to Reiki energy, which really resonates with me. Along with attending regular healing sessions with Melanie, I have taken her Reiki Level 1 training and regularly do self-healing. This integrates with my daily meditation practice. I consider Melanie a wise mentor and coach in my spiritual development. She is an authentic, ethical, caring healer and the messages she transmits from my guides are extremely useful and encouraging – life changing, really. I feel better grounded and happier than I have ever been in my life. My connections with other people are greatly improved, especially with family members. Melanie is a warm and welcoming person – meet with her and see what good things happen in your life :)”

I took my Level One Reiki with Melanie at a time where I was coming to a cross roads in my life. I had been pursuing acting, and no longer finding joy in the industry. I had a choice between signing up for a 3 month long acting course, or taking Level One Reiki with Melanie, I of course went with Reiki. I honestly could not have imagined how much positive change has transpired since taking the course, in both my own personal healing and career path. It of course has come with many ups and downs: feelings of chaos and turmoil, as well as absolute joy and creativity, that I believe naturally can arrive once we turn inwards and begin healing. feel like this is only the beginning of a long beautiful journey ahead. I cannot extend my gratitude enough to Melanie, and how much energetic gifts and light I have, and continue to receive, from her. I am truly forever grateful.

“I started seeing Melanie for Reiki treatments and Angel Coaching in order to deal with issues related to work and simply life in general. I found her approach to be sincere, gentle and compassionate. Trust was established very easily and for me, that is no ordinary task. Melanie has given me many tools to use in my life in order to control stress and to see the magic in life itself. I was extremely honoured when she invited me to join in her Level 1 Reiki class. It takes place over a few weeks so that one is given time to absorb the information being presented. I found that this approach was ideal for my learning needs. In class, her information is outlined logically and completely and for me, this approach further reinforced my trust in her and allowed me to process the information effectively. Class size is small which allows for friendly and intelligent instruction and discussion in a non-threatening environment. I trust and value Melanie completely. I am extremely thankful that she is a part of my life’s path.”


“I’ve been receiving Reiki treatments from Melanie for a couple of months, while I was living a very challenging period of my life. During those sessions and my personal work, I learned to look at the life differently and made big steps in my Healing journey. When I regained some strength and confidence, I decided to study this powerful tool on Level 1 with Melanie to be able to do Reiki self-treatment, whenever I need in my daily life. I really enjoyed all the process because I learned so much  with such an amazing woman. I can only highly recommend Melanie for her professionalism, gift and intuition!”

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