​Holiday Themed Clearing Techniques 

(Image from Etsy.com)

It’s the holidays and with things going almost back to normal, empaths or highly sensitive people will need to up the self care including cleansing and shielding to avoid being drained or taking on others energies.  Let’s make it fun though!!

1. Use a cluster of jingle bells to greet people and door and clear their energy and see then surrounded with light. A little ho-ho-ho happy holiday greeting and bells jingling makes for a festive greeting.  You can also walk around your space with those bells starting in an Eastern corner and moving clockwise around the room to clear the space before and after your get together. Ask for your space to be filled with love, light  peace, etc. as you move from corner to corner.

2. Burn some cinnamon incense to create sacred smoke to clear yourself and your space and make your space smell amazing (I just bought some at Earth and Sol in Lower Lonsdale)

3. Instead of holiday carols play some holiday instrumental music with bells and when you need to… tune into the bells and let the chimes move through your body and chakras

4. Shield by envisioning a beautiful snow globe around you. The snow falling continually dissolves any negative energy and surrounds you with light and love 

5. Get some thyme plants to add to your holiday decor. They absorb negative energy and you can put some mini decorations or garland on them or try trimming them into a tree shape

6. Light a candle in a shallow bowl with water with course Himalayan salt around it  (your snow that absorbs excess energy) and add some holiday decorations mixed in and say “this light infuses this space with divine peace and love”

Whatever you get up to over the holidays, may 2023 be filled with light and be an easier energetic ride with all that has been released in 2022. Hugs and healing Melanie

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