Hay House “You Can Heal your Life” Summit is on now!!!

Hay House’s annual “You Can Heal your Life” summit is on now (sign up to access it at https://www.youcanhealyourlifesummit.com/learn). There is usually at least one movie and 10 to 12 talks featured daily including many of your favorite Hay House authors.  All talks are free for 24 h the day they are offered. If you miss a talk or two usually they offer a free weekend at the end of the summit so you can listen to talks you missed (or you can buy the summit recordings).  One thing I love is most speakers offer a talk that  is whole and complete rather than a teaser meant to get you to buy their latest book.  There are often amazing guided meditations or visualizations.  I will be tuning into talks by my favorites Denise Linn, Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Dr. Joe Dispenza, James van Praagh, and Iyanla Vanzant.  A great opportunity to hear wisdom from authors/speakers you love and to expose yourself to new wisdom keepers, to look for new approaches and help in dealing with challenges in your life or in the lives of your loved ones, or just to get back on track with your spiritual practices and looking at your life in a positive and empowered way.

There is a new series each day (8 in total).  The program runs from May 4 to 18th so it’s a good idea to scan the speakers each day and see what interests you.  The Best of Series 1 is now available.  Usually it works out there is only one or two talks each day that speak to you, so you can make time to listen while you are making dinner, on your way to work, or before you go to bed. In past summits, most talks are 1 h in length.

Series 1  May 4

Become the Person You Want to Be


  • Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    The Forever Wisdom of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


  Video & Audio Lessons

  • Esther Hicks

    The Evolution of the Law of Attraction


  • Anthony William

    How to Create More Peace in Your Life


  • Dr. Rick Rigsby

    How to Conquer Life’s Greatest Setbacks


  • Christiane Northrup, M.D. & Kelly Brogan, M.D.

    Growing Beyond the Body-as-a-Machine Model


  • Mike Dooley

    Creating Happiness by Learning to Use the Matrix


  • Rev. Iyanla Vanzant

    Replace, Repair, and Maintain Broken Relationships


  • Jim Kwik

    Secrets to Accelerated Learning Anyone Can Achieve


  • Dr. Barbara De Angelis

    Showing Up for Your Divine Appointment


Series 2  May 6

Reconnect with Your Spiritual Roots


  Video & Audio Lessons

  • David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

    You Never Experience True Death


  • Caroline Myss

    How the Transformation Movement Is Changing You


  • Anita Moorjani & Michael Neill

    Transcending the Fear in Your Life


  • Christiane Northrup, M.D.

    How to Use Your Inner Wisdom to Make Decisions


  • Iyanla Vanzant

    How to Get Through What You’re Going Through


  • Matt Kahn

    The Illusion of Problems


  • Nancy Levin & Rajshree Patel

    Choosing New Beliefs Consciously


  • Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

    How to Grow Roots Before Starting Your Spiritual Journey


Series 3  May 8

Using Energy Tools to Heal

  Video & Audio Lessons

  • Abby Wynne

    What Energy Healing Is, and How to Do It


  • Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

    Prevent Disease by Clearing it from the Luminous Energy Body


  • Matt Kahn

    From Low to High Vibrational Energy


  • Sonia Choquette

    How to Free Your Spirit and Return to Your Authentic Self


  • Denise Linn

    Space Clearing to Create Positive Energy


  • James Van Praagh

    Clearing Old Energies & Transmuting to Love


  • Nick Ortner

    Tapping to Release Overwhelming Feelings


  • Peta Stapleton, Ph.D. & Dawson Church

    Evidence-Based Energy Techniques to Heal Your Body


  • Jessica Ortner

    Using Tapping to Set Goals and Release the Pressure to Succeed


  • Jonathan Goldman

    Using Bija Mantras to Heal Your Body


  • Ya’Acov Darling Khan

    Using Shamanism to Access Your Hidden Healing Power


Series 4  May 10

Connect with the Mystical Realms


  Video & Audio Lessons

  • Matt Kahn

    An Empath’s Guide to Emotional Boundaries


  • Diana Cooper

    The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery


  • Kyle Gray

    Are Angels Actually Real?


  • Rebecca Campbell

    Living Courageously to Express Your Heart’s Beauty


  • Dr. Joe Dispenza

    How to Become Supernatural: A Lesson in the Science of Change


  • Gregg Braden

    A Crisis in Thinking: The Missing Link to a Healed Life


  • Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

    The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth


  • Michelle Buchanan

    How Numerology and Your Birth Date Can Heal Your Life


  • davidji

    Meeting the Guru within You with Daily Meditation


  • Phyllis Curott

    Awakening the Witch Within


Series 5  May 12

Create Prosperity in Your Life


  • Louise Hay

    Receiving Prosperity: How to Attract Wealth, Success, and Love into Your Life


  • Esther Hicks

    More Than You See, Part 2


  Video & Audio Lessons

  • Suze Orman

    Eight Qualities to Create a Life of Wealth


  • Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    Success Is Knowing Who You Really Are


  • Alan Cohen

    Using A Course in Miracles to Create Abundance


  • Danette May

    Finding the Power to Rise Above Every Obstacle


  • Mike Robbins & Cathy Byrd

    The Mind-Set Required to Get What You Want


  • Tosha Silver

    Tools to Overcome Your Money Challenges


  • Mel Wells & Denise Duffield-Thomas

    Releasing the Money Blocks Holding You Back


Series 6  May 14

Let Your Intuition Lead You


  Video & Audio Lessons

  • John Holland

    Preparing to Give Someone an Intuitive Reading


  • Sonia Choquette

    Meditation to Awaken Your Creativity


  • Gordon Smith

    An Introduction to Mediumship


  • Colette Baron-Reid

    How to Give Better Oracle Card Readings


  • Radleigh Valentine

    Combine Tarot with These Spiritual Tools for Accelerated Results


  • Sandra Anne Taylor and Rev. Sharon Anne Klingler

    How to Use Tarot Cards to Trigger Healthy Transformation


  • Charlie Morely

    Healing through Lucid Dreaming


  • Marisa Moris

    A Meditation to Connect with Your Guides


  • Dr. Catherine Wilkins

    The Neurology and Logic Behind Intuition


Series 7  May 16

Create Radiant Health and Wellbeing

  Video & Audio Lessons

  • Anthony William

    A Liver Meditation to Improve Detoxification


  • Christiane Northrup, M.D.

    Are You Addicted to Stress?


  • Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Sugar vs. Fat: Choosing Foods That Heal and Give You Energy


  • Liana Werner-Gray

    A-to-Z Cancer Recovery Tips and Therapies


  • Dr. Mike Dow

    Scientific Solutions to Help You Heal Brain Fog


  • Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. & Ocean Robbins

    Tips to Free Yourself from Unhealthy Food Habits


  • Sayer Ji & Dr. Steven Lin

    How to Heal Your Teeth, Heart, and Third Eye for Ultimate Health


  • Kris Carr

    From Surviving to Thriving: Creating a Crazy Sexy Life


  • David Hamilton, Ph.D.

    How the Mind Heals the Body


  • Elizabeth Rider

    How to Set Health Goals Without Dieting—and Even Enjoy Them


  • Samantha Skelly

    How to Overcome Food Addiction with Emotional Awareness


Series 8  May 18

Discover Your Unique Destiny


  • Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

    Inner Peace for Busy People


  Video & Audio Lessons

  • Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Mastering the Present Moment


  • Danette May & Chalene Johnson

    Create Focus, Happiness, and Emotional Healing with Food and Exercise


  • Rabbi Steve Leder & Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    A Healing Process to Grow from Suffering


  • Meggan Watterson & Rebecca Campbell

    How to Be Your Real Self and Speak from Your Heart


  • Christiane Northrup, M.D.

    How to Handle Criticism


    Rebekah Borucki & Kate Northrup

    Finding Room to Breathe with a Busy Schedule


  • Koya Webb

    From Injury to Champion Athlete with Yoga and Breathwork


  • Vex King

    A Process to Help You Consciously Respond, Not Emotionally React



Examining your “if onlys” through the lens of “Loving What Is”


joan pancoeI read a brilliant post by astrologist and modern mystic Joan Pancoe last week that I thought was so insightful and helpful.  Joan’s bio on her website describes her as ” a gifted trance channel, karmic astrologer and spiritual teacher in private practice in New York City since 1976″. I wanted to share her message with you. Here is her original post: http://joanpancoe.com/newsletter.php?id=8 . I am providing my perspectives on this approach below, but highly recommend reading Joan’s post (and signing up for her newsletters).

What are our “if onlys”.  These are the things we strive for in our life, that we delude ourselves into believing will provide a permanent happy and fulfilled state. Examples of “if onlys” include:

  • Physical body: I lost 10 lbs., I didn’t have this disease or condition, I looked like my younger self, I didn’t have this feature, etc.
  • Emotional body: I wasn’t so … (fill in any thought that is related to low self-esteem and worth), depressed, sad, stuck, etc.
  • Outside world: Got a new job or advanced in my current one, got a degree, got a house, got a new car, got a bigger house, got a partner/spouse, had a child, had more children, had grandchildren, had more money, etc.

We believe that when we obtain one of these “if only” goals that we will find this sense of wholeness, acceptance, and being sated.  Obtaining the goal will change who we are. We may also believe once we obtain this goal, that the world will also reflect back to us now we are whole, accepted, acknowledged and loved.  We believe this even though past experience shows us when we obtain a goal, the happiness is temporary. Eventually, maybe in a few hours, weeks, or years, we will find a seed of dissatisfaction that grows and create a new “if only”. In an egoic sense, this keeps us focused on this elusive future, rather than being based on the present and seeing all the good in our life, exactly as it is in the present moment.  This is not to say there won’t be challenges in your life that can be extremely challenging to deal with in the present but there will always be some good in our life mixed in with the challenges, that may translate to blessings or transformations in the future.

Exercise # 1: Make a list of your “if onlys”

Now, if we examine these “if onlys” through the lens of Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is’ approach, we can start to awaken, snap out of this pattern of having our state of wholeness and happiness dependent on a future perfect state of being or goal being accomplished, and wake up to what is here in the present.  We assume the goals/people/situations/events we are pursuing will bring us happiness. Going through Byron Katie’s four key questions allow us to see that may not be the case and puts more focus on what we have in the present (and can we make our peace with that and find joy in the here and now).  The key message to get with this exercise is that our thoughts of lack and not being or having enough in the present create suffering and if we can reorient ourselves as we think about ourselves in the present, we may find ourselves overflowing with abundance and love, and have all we need.

Exercise # 2: Plug in each of your “if only” beliefs into the four questions and see what answers you get.  It’s helpful if you can make your mind like a blank slate before you ask the question and let go of your stories. Be like a curious child looking at this question for the first time.

byron katieHere is a guide to Byron Katie’s four questions (from her website: http://thework.com/instruction-the-work-byron-katie/ ).  She also has worksheets you can download, so you can print off one for each “if only”.  You can also explore her book “Loving What Is” to understand how the  questions work and are applied.  She has videos as well on YouTube where she uses these questions on workshop attendees.  The real-world examples from people attending her workshops discussed in her book or shown on her videos really help you better understand the four questions below.

The Four Questions:

Q1. Is it true?

The answer to the first two questions is just one syllable: either yes or no. Be still and find your honest yes or no as it arises to meet the question. If your answer shows up as a yes, move to question 2. If it’s no, then experience that no for a moment and then move to question 3.

Q2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

If your answer to question 1 is yes, ask yourself: “Can I absolutely know that it’s true?” Take this opportunity to look again. Shine the flashlight on that moment in time again, and see what reveals itself to you.
Q3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

Close your eyes and witness the feelings, body sensations, and behaviors that arise when you believe that thought. Notice and report the answers to any of the following:

What images do you see, past or future, and what emotions or physical sensations arise as you witness those images?
How did you treat the other person?
How did you treat yourself?
Do any obsessions or addictions begin to appear when you believe that thought?

Q4. Who would you be without that thought?

Closing your eyes, return to the situation. Take a moment to reflect, observe, and experience the situation again, this time without the thought. Who or what you would be without the thought? How would you see or feel about the other person? Drop all of your judgments. Notice what is revealed.

The key idea to get from this examination of our “if onlys”, is that we can turn these if-only thoughts around we can let go of this suffering and live in the present in a more joy and gratitude-filled state.  This doesn’t mean we don’t set goals and strive for things in our life, or we disown success; it means we don’t pin our identity and happiness to those things, so if people, material items, or roles/jobs leave our lives, we don’t find ourselves being empty again.

Give this exercise a try without attachment and see what you find out about yourself.  You may find yourself feeling liberated when you didn’t even realize you had these energy cords tied to your future.

Lunar Eclipse Charged Crystal Wands

Image result for lunar eclipse bc
Image from Chilliwack Progress (taken by Michael White)

I thought I would share these lunar eclipse charged wands that I found online that I’m so excited to add to my sacred items on my shrine and use for clearing my space and myself.  They were created and charged during the recent lunar eclipse and there are 10..well now 9 available (here is the listing for one pictured below https://www.ebay.com/itm/WOLF-MOON-LUNAR-ECLIPSED-CHARGED-MAGICK-WITCHES-WAND-deer-antler-crystal-pyrite/323660370816). You may want to add one to your crystal or clearing tool collection.  They are made by an artisan in Texas I bought some beautiful crystal necklaces from a couple of years ago who uses electroforming to create a pendant or in this case create a crystal wand from an antler or branch.  I personally will use this for clearing and keep it on my shrine/altar.  The smaller antlers and branches she uses are found on her property in Texas and larger ones are “reclaimed” (we wouldn’t want deer to be harmed). I have absolutely no affiliation with the seller but thought they were quite special.  My experiences with the seller have been very positive (you can check her feedback to see what others have experienced).  She does have other crystal wands available as well that were not created on the night of the eclipse, but are still very special.

Lunar eclipse charged crystal wand from https://www.ebay.com/usr/twistedchaosmagick

Alternatively, I thought that this might also inspire you to want to go out in your favorite forest that you have a connection to and collect a branch and create your own with a glue gun and some decorative ribbon, feathers you find in your forest, some jute twine.  Let your creativity flow.  You could also use a synthetic antler.

Clearing elements from nature are so powerful and a great way to connect with the earth and draw on her energy.  When we create clearing tools from a forest we visit frequently and have a connection to, it’s even more powerful.

You would want to clear any negative energy from the wand, asking your guides and angels and the Universe to help, using Reiki symbols or energy, and/or smudging with incense or sage. Alternatively, the next time there is a full moon you can rest it in a window sill with the intention that it be cleared and charged with celestial energy. Then you can ask the wand to assist you in clearing your energy and your space.  Then you could clear yourself much like you would with a feather if you were smudging.  Similarly, you could walk around your house starting in a eastern corner and moving around each room in a clockwise direction and use the wand much like a feather to clear the energy.   You may find this is more powerful than using a feather or smudge. I always encourage when clearing to ask for negative energy to be cleared and then ask for what you would like your energy or space to be filled with (so the focus is on energy you would like to attract and experience rather than coming from a defensive or fearful place).

Happy clearing!




Holiday Self Care


The holidays are coming.  Many of us are empaths can find this season very overwhelming.  If you are clairsentient (knowing by feeling) you may sense what others are feeling (stress, anxiety, sadness) so a room full of people can be a lot to process and be around. So the loudness in the room can occur on many levels, when you receive information in various ways. No need to isolate and stress and hide out by yourself on the sofa.

Image from SImon.ca (one of my favorite stores!!)

When you have expanded senses or gifts, however you wish to refer to them, it doesn’t mean you have to hide from the world.  You may have found it difficult to be highly sensitive as a child and that has continued in your adult life. However, now that you are an adult you can take responsibility for how you encounter the world.  Spiritual practices like Reiki can be used to clear your space and your energy and to calm and soothe you.   Shielding, which I wrote about in this post https://justbreathereiki.com/2014/09/16/the-importance-of-shielding/  is the tool you use to buffer yourself from the outer world.  If you have studied Reiki, you can sign the Reiki symbol for protection over your heart before you leave your car or walk into the room at your event (and repeat as needed when you feel an energy boundary being pushed).  So you clean and shield yourself before you go to an event.

If you are hosting the event you have the added luxury of taking additional steps to keep your space full of lovely energy.  You can place a bowl of water with some sea salt in your space to absorb some of that energy (and discard it after the event).   You can light some candles and set the intention that they burn away any tension or negativity and infuse the room with love and peace and calm. You can open a window in the room you are entertaining in and ask the earth to restore and replenish the energy in the room as needed.

The other thing you can do for self-care is to turn off your inner voice and ego and turn up your self-awareness and be fully present. When we get together with family and friends our wounded version of our self can pop up. Our ego can try to protect us from future hurts by reminding us of the hurts of the past, so our defensive shields can come up and our ego can interpret what we are hearing and seeing around us.  A look or a comment can turn into an inner dialogue where we think someone is judging us again (based on something that happened or was said in the past).  We might be comparing ourselves to others either thinking we are superior or inferior (another thing our ego likes to do to separate us from others).  If you can let go of these little interpretive dialogues and be present you might find you see something in the person you think you know so well as you are talking to them (hmm… maybe they are just looking for acceptance too). Maybe the one who brags so much is really insecure amongst your group and you may sense their nervousness.  Maybe a person has changed and you can witness that and see you actually have more in common than you did or can connect with them in a way you never have before.  Just be open to listening and observing and letting go of the stories of the past.  One message my guides stress is that is so, so, so important to be ourselves, to be authentic. So try doing that and not worrying about what others think. Share something personal about yourself (maybe a woo-woo workshop you attended) instead of shutting down and being defensive. It can be liberating to be you and to find the acceptance inside of you that comes with that.

Image from http://www.vishwaamara.com

If you need to refresh or regroup or hit the reset button, you can go for a little walk outside and ask the earth to take some of the energy building away from you (visualizing it moving down your feet).  If you have studied Reiki you can do a quick mini session in the bathroom just holding your hands on your heart and asking to be replenished and restored.  Sit for a minute and look around the room and find something to appreciate about each and every person in the room.  That will instantly shift your mood and energy. Remember all everyone wants is love and acceptance so try to be the source of that for yourself and if you can, offer that to others (even if it’s for a minute).

Take these steps so you can shine your inner light this holiday!!!

Price Increases in 2019

Dear Clients and Students,

Prices for all my services including courses will be increasing in 2019 as follows. Prices are increasing to reflect current market rates as well as time spent post-session preparing session notes for clients.

Reiki, Arcturian Healing, Angel Life Coaching, Mentoring and Meditation Treatments:

1 h session – $100

1.5 h session – $150

Reiki Courses:

Level 1 – $350

Level 2 – $450

CRA Reiki Master Practitioner Level (RMP; formerly Level 3) – $550

CRA Reiki Master/Teacher (formerly Level 4) – $950




New Offering!!! Mentoring

I am now offering mentoring sessions to my clients and students.  I know time with me in a class or a session goes by quickly and you all have lots of questions and curious minds.  The mentoring service can work in conjunction with your Reiki and angel life coaching sessions and/or Reiki classes with me. This service can provide you with guidance and training to help you:

  • understand what I call expanded sensory abilities (also referred to as gifts or clairs) and how to reawaken, strengthen, understand, and use them
  • help students who want one-on-one instruction to understand how you are receiving information or sensing blockages during a Reiki session and/or want to help build your skills and understanding
  • help you connect with and sense your guides
  • if you’re a client and get your homework assignments from me after a session and want me to help you work on your assignments in a more interactive way
  • help you to develop a daily spiritual practice that resonates with you to keep you present and grounded and feeling connected and loved
  • help you to practice positive relationship dynamics (like observing and helping to shine a light for others) rather than draining dynamics  (like fixing or worrying)
  • some other aspect of your spiritual path or challenges (like going through transitions or changes in your life)
  • help you to develop a cleansing and shielding routine that resonates with you to help you keep yourself, your spaces, and portals clear of negative energy
  • help you develop a gratitude and refocusing practice
  • help you to develop self-love
  • help you with more in-depth forgiveness work, or
  • try to answer any other questions you might have about Spirit

The cost of a 1.5 h session is $135.

Upcoming Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) Meeting

cra logoThe Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) is holding its 21st Annual General Meeting in North Vancouver this year.  If you have studied Reiki with me, you will be familiar with the CRA from your Reiki course(s).  If you are a student of mine and are thinking of getting certified as a practitioner it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the CRA and see the board in action and get a feeling for the membership base.  I have to say I was very impressed when I attended the AGM back in 2011 and that was when I signed up as a student member.  Coming from a scientific background I wasn’t sure what to expect from a meeting of Reiki members (this world was all pretty new to me as I had just finished my Level 2).  I was impressed by how the organization was run, had a great time meeting other attendees and was excited to have the experience of seeing auras of people when they were speaking.  There was a presentation on some MS-related research that was being conducted in conjunction with the association.  I saw a great talk on affirmations and went home with a door prize and was very glad I attended.  There is a mini-market as well.

This year’s entertainment is a performance by Matthew Kocel.  He is a local talent who is a throat singer and spiritual musician.  Here is a video of him performing:

Here are details if you are interested in attending:

Date: Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Location: Lonsdale Quay Hotel, 123 Carrie Cates Crt., North Vancouver, BC

Agenda: Upon arrival, there will be a meet and greet over a continental breakfast from 8:30 to 10 am. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with your board members and other Reiki Practitioners to further build a sense of community and within the CRA. After our meeting, we will have a lovely buffet luncheon followed by a private performance from Matthew Kocel, a throat singer, sound healer, multi-instrumentalist and musical visionary, Matthew Kocel is a man on a mission to inspire unity through the universal language of music and sound. ”

Please use this link and register. https://reiki.ca/membership/annual-general-meeting/event-calendar/#id=108&cid=1269&wid=2701

Currently it’s $40 to become a student member.

Kyle Gray’s 111-day Raise your Vibration Challenge

If you’re one of my clients or students, you’ve probably picked a card from one of Kyle’s oracle card decks when you were on your way out (for some extra guidance).  His cards are incredibly accurate for guidance and contain uplifting and unique messages.

Kyle, who is one of Hay House’s top angel experts is posting a daily video on his YouTube Channel in a 111-day challenge to Raise your Vibration.

kyle gray2
Kyle Gray

He is based out of Glasgow and is a 28-year old author and yogi who experienced connections to divine beings from a young age.  He has the loveliest, happiest, sunniest, purest energy and a wonderful outlook on life and how to connect with spirit.  His spirit reminds me of a young curious child.

Last year I completed his Hay House Connect with Your Angels course (https://www.hayhouse.com/connect-with-your-angels-hhu) when Hay House had a special on and really enjoyed it.  Kyle is an amazing storyteller and I think my favorite part of the course are the stories he shares.  He also includes a bonus yoga workout.


As soon as I found out about this challenge, I was committed to giving it a try. If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, and 2018 does feel like a year of deep inner change, why not start out your day with an inspiring and uplifting video with Kyle.  You could listen to this before you get out of bed or even do this while you’re making your breakfast, commuting to work, or getting ready.  The challenge started in the beginning of January and if you sign up for Kyle’s YouTube channel you’ll get daily updates.

Here is Video #1 to get you started:

Importance of your Daily Spiritual Practice

person shielding
Image from http://www.astraldynamics.com

I encourage my clients and students to develop their own daily spiritual practice so they can work on healing themselves and connecting with Spirit each and every day.

What is a daily spiritual practice and why is it important?

A daily spiritual practice is a number of activities you incorporate into your daily routine that helps you feel connected, supported, and  helps you to have perspective on life’s ups and downs.  It is something very personal. It should resonate and work with you. What works for another won’t necessarily be what works for or fits you.

Ideally these activities are spread out throughout your day – say one in the morning, one at lunch, and one right before you go to bed, so you are reminded you are connected, grounded, and supported  throughout the day. I also note that I use the term spiritual in a loose way. In that something that is a special spiritual experience for you might just be an ordinary task in another’s day.

Here are some examples of activities you can include in your daily routine that allow you to connect:

  • spending time in nature in a very present way. Walking meditation is a lovely way to learn to do this
Image from riverbankoftruth.com
  • treating a bath or shower as a sacred experience where you tune your senses into what you are experiencing and quiet your inner chatter
  • meditating
  • doing a Reiki self-treatment
  • doing yoga
  • any daily self-care ritual that is done with love
  • praying
  • chanting
  • listening to music that inspires you (this doesn’t mean that has to be spiritual music – lyrics can be meaningful and move you regardless of the genre)
  • journaling
  • gratitude practice (giving thanks for 10 things/people/moments in your day that vary in importance)
  • cleansing yourself and your space
  • shielding yourself and your space
  • reading a book, poetry, or articles that inspire you

thoreau qoute

  • looking at images, something or someone that inspire you
  • having a sacred beverage (e.g., tea) in absolute presence
  • taking some calming full belly breaths
  • doing inspiring visualizations (e.g., seeing your body filled with loving light)
  • practicing forgiving on a daily basis (what do I need to be forgiven for today and what can I forgive another for today)
  • letting go of fault-finding (criticizing and judging ourselves or others)
  • connecting with and being kind to other people and animals
  • any acts of service done with love and compassion
Image from mnn.com

I think two key elements of any daily spiritual practice should include cleansing yourself and your space as well as shielding. Preferably this is done before getting out of bed in the morning and before falling asleep at night. The cleansing helps remove any negative residues or energy and the shielding helps keep your positive energy intact.  Smudging is a great way to cleanse yourself and your space.  It can be done with a tiny stick of lightly scented incense and even unlit incense or sage (just by intention). You can also cleanse with a visual exercise even from your bed. Picture your outer four walls being cleansed and covered with divine indigo or white light, then the floor and spaces below, the ceiling and spaces above, and then all of the spaces between the four outer walls and floor and ceiling being filled and purified by this light. Then you can do the same for your aura, picturing this light filling you and cocooning you. For shielding, which follows cleansing, you can do a simple visualization of seeing yourself surrounded by white light that deflects any negative energy and keeps your energy intact. You can read more on shielding on my post: https://justbreathereiki.com/2014/09/16/the-importance-of-shielding/ 

Try to include 3 to 4 activities including the cleansing and shielding.  So a routine could include going for a walk at lunch and then making a 10-item gratitude list in your head before bed.  This daily practice practice helps remind us that we’re safe and okay, that there is peace in the present moment, and we are in control of our thoughts and how we see the world.

Tailor your daily practice to suit your loves and what inspires you. What makes you feel bliss? What makes you feel connected to this world we live in and the other people and creatures that we share this space with (realizing oneness isn’t abstract)? Play around with adding different activities until you find the right mix. Then stick to it for a month and see how you feel.  Check in with yourself and see do I have a more balanced perspective when I experience a surprise or down turn in my life? Am I more grateful for all that I have and experience in my life? Do I feel more love for myself? Do I feel more love and compassion and less judgement for others? These practices help you feel connected to Spirit, the Universe, God, whatever terminology you prefer and bring you calm and peace and love.

Do share if you have anything you use in your daily spiritual routine that inspires and heals you.

Many blessings


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