Spirit Says “It’s time to take off your mittens”

From Today.com

I had an interesting discussion with my guides early Sunday morning. They were talking about asking us to take off our mittens. They are using this item as an analogy for numbing our senses and emotions due to overwhelm with the ongoing state of uncertainty in the world. They showed the congested overwhelmed global state of mind through a reel of images and all the numbing behaviors being used. They showed Covid, conflict, protests, climate impacts, wildfire, poverty, opioid crisis, etc. and how lost people are dealing with these issues.

First, they’re asking us to bring awareness to any numbing practices that we have adopted to deal with this overwhelm (our mittens) with NO judgement. Check in with motivation when you find yourself wanting that numbing fix, be it a drink, food, shopping, binge-watching tv, sex, social media. No judgement. Do a numbing behavior audit and record every time you notice yourself looking to disconnect and numb and write down how you are feeling and why. Then look for patterns at the end of the week. Now you know what the real issues are and you can start to work on that.

Next, they say that we need to hit the reset button and take our power back and learn to moderate our responses to stress and, who and what we expose ourselves to and let in. Right now we are feeling powerless. To feel safe in the world again, you have to take your power back and also allow yourself to feel again. This is resetting boundaries with the world including all the information sources in our world today. Rather than numbing ourselves or getting lost in news stories that overwhelm, they want us to instead to find self soothing rituals that do no harm and bring you to present. Examples are going for short walk in nature, guided meditation, breathing deeply (look up breathwork videos on YouTube), connect with our body by massaging our tight muscles or exercise, tapping, hugging your child or pet. See a therapist if needed for help especially if you are now struggling with an addiction or through your numbing audit, depression or other underlying issue.

At least once a day, reach out to your guides and angels and speak to them. Ask them to cleanse, soothe, restore and shield you, encircling you in a sparkly sphere of white light to provide a buffer from the world. Ask them for help with overwhelm and hand over your worries to them in prayer and say thanks. They can only help if we ask. So talk to the spirit like you are talking to your best friend. They love us, they don’t judge us and they want us to be happy and free and in our power again. Take safe baby steps with Spirit in feeling again and releasing the overwhelm. 

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