Daily Practices that Can Help you Reduce Anxiety and Shift to Hope and Gratitude During this Outbreak

This coronavirus outbreak is an unprecedented health crisis and has thrown off the normal routines and daily life we are all accustomed to and often take for granted. Using daily spiritual practices can help keep us in the present and grateful for abundance of good that is still present in our life. Here are some suggestions of things to try and add to your daily routine to help ground you and hit the reset button when you get overwhelmed and anxious.

Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day Meditation Experience on Hope in Uncertain Times

This is one of my top picks for something to listen to at the start or end of your day to calm and reflect. You can sign up for the meditation at https://chopracentermeditation.com/ or download the Chopra Center meditation app. The meditation series usually last 22 days (21 d + bonus meditation) and revolve around the theme of Hope in Uncertain Times. Oprah introduces the idea for the day and then Deepak guides you through the meditation. It can be helpful to repeat the mantra and/or centering thought if you find your mind is wandering a lot. Each day you will get an email for the meditation for the day. Each meditation is only posted for a few days. Do remember to check out the journal tab to reflect on the thought for the day; there are some written exercises that add to what you get out of the experience.

Meditation Experience • Home


Nick Ortner, who brought tapping or EFT into the mainstream, has posted free guided tapping exercises to help address anxiety created by this outbreak. Tapping is very simple to learn and involves tapping your fingertips on a number of meridians on your head, chest, and underarm area while repeating a series of scripted statements. The guided meditations make it very easy to follow along. Tapping affects our amygdala, which is described as “a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions.” It can be used to help change our brain’s response to stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and other conditions. On the Tapping Solution (Nick Ortner’s site) they indicate “Tapping has been shown to literally “turn off” the amygdala, disrupting the stress response and allowing the brain synapses to be rewired for a more appropriate emotional response to a given situation.” You can access the free tapping meditations by downloading their app or from their website:https://www.thetappingsolution.com/

Tapping into a Lighter Spirit—Understanding the Emotional Freedom ...
From chronogram.com


Whether you have studied Reiki or not, you can still receive the benefits of tuning into your chakras and clearing and sending them positive energy through intention. My current favorite chakra clearing video is the Blessings of the Energy Centers video narrated by Sarita (following Joe Dispenza’s approach) but I do have other traditional guided Reiki self-treatment videos on my website under the Level 1 Homework Assignments Tab, all of which can be accessed from this page: https://justbreathereiki.com/resources-for-reiki-students/

Connect with your Guides

Now is a time to really connect with your intuition, your inner guidance, and guides. This can be as simple as asking what do you want me to know today? Praying or asking for help and assistance. I really love Colette Baron Reid’s Spirit Animal cards, which you can access on her site to do a free 3-card reading,https://www.colettebaronreid.com/use-colettes-free-online-oracle-cards-app/. She also has a free guide on using them. Our guides are here to assist us and reduce our suffering but we have to ask them for help and give them permission to intervene.

Gratitude Journal

I am writing in my gratitude journal daily. If you are going to watch or read the news in the morning to be informed this can be a great way to reset your mood. I use the Five Minute Journal, which I’ve previously posted about. This journal makes this spiritual practice easy as you just have blanks to fill in on a page and you will really notice the effects of filling it out on your spirit as you tune into gratitude.

Here is more information on it from the creators: https://www.intelligentchange.com/collections/all/products/the-five-minute-journal?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvr24xra75gIVhMBkCh0DGgnXEAAYASAAEgKHufD_BwE

Connecting to the Earth and Being in Nature

Connecting to the earth helps calm our base chakra, which is the home of fear and worry especially when dealing with something not yet understood like this outbreak. Obviously, our enjoyment of being in nature will be hampered by paying attention to people around us and ensuring we will be able to keep adequate distance. For this reason, you may want to find something close to home and maybe avoid the busier hiking trails. Notice the blooming trees, birds singing, and ask Mother Earth to take your stress, worries, whatever you are feeling overwhelmed by away from you, through your feet. Your feet are just like tree roots that can go deep into the earth. You can do this even looking out the window, seeing the sky, breathing in some fresh air, seeing all of nature coming alive. You can sit in chair and imagine you are a tree and visualize those roots going through your feet, deep, deep into the earth, anchoring once you reach the bottom or core, and then seeing green restorative energy coming back up from the earth, up your feet and into your body. Listening to nature sounds or having nature videos playing in the background can also help instantly calm your body. Here is one with chimes, thunder, and rain I like from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCF6nZ1Kd8o

There are lots of other free resources out there. For example, Hay House has a bunch of free podcasts to check out: https://www.hayhouse.com/

We may not be in control of what is going on in the world around us, but we can keep connected with ourselves and bring ourselves into the present in a more peaceful frame of mind with these practices.

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