My New Favorite Meditation

I spoke about this video in my last post. It's a guided meditation taken from the pages of Dr. Joe Dispenza's latest book "Becoming Supernatural". It's called the Blessing of the Energy Centers and is narrated by Sarita, a healer based in France. Listen and go on a journey with her and see what you... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Here are a couple of last minute gift ideas for you to gift to someone, put on your own gift list, or gift yourself. The Five Minute Journal The first is one I received from my dearest friend for my birthday this year. It is a gratitude journal...a special one with pages you just have... Continue Reading →

Holiday Self Care

  The holidays are coming.  Many of us are empaths can find this season very overwhelming.  If you are clairsentient (knowing by feeling) you may sense what others are feeling (stress, anxiety, sadness) so a room full of people can be a lot to process and be around. So the loudness in the room can occur... Continue Reading →

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