Last Minute Gift Ideas

Here are a couple of last minute gift ideas for you to gift to someone, put on your own gift list, or gift yourself.

The Five Minute Journal

The first is one I received from my dearest friend for my birthday this year. It is a gratitude journal…a special one with pages you just have to fill out and only takes about 5 minutes a day. This makes this spiritual practice easy and you will really notice the effects of filling it out on your spirit as you tune into gratitude.

The journal is called the Five Minute Journal and is available on Amazon and Indigo. Here is more information on it from the creators:


You write in the morning about what you are grateful for and what would make today great. You also write a daily affirmation. Then in the evening, you write about 3 amazing things that happened and how you could have made today even better. Ideally, this is done twice a day, but if that doesn’t work for you, you can just do the writing once a day. So don’t make this about being perfect (and using that as an excuse not to journal regularly).

The introduction gives you some background on benefits of keeping a gratitude journal and some tips on making your plan to make it part of your daily spiritual routine. Love this and will get another once mine is complete.

Becoming Supernatural

Now my second recommendation is a book I just finished by Dr. Joe Dispenza called Becoming Supernatural. I included bits from his book You are the Placebo in my Reiki manuals and will definitely be adding some information from this book. He marries science and spirit and it is so fascinating. He explains why you want to have an elevated emotion (hello gratitude journal!!) when you undertake guided meditations, healing work, and manifesting. A great book for someone wanting to heal or manifest great things in their life or for a healer. Enter possibility and become supernatural!!

There are meditations to practice at end of most chapters. I’ve been practicing the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation daily that is posted on YouTube by the lovely Sarita and it is amazing.

The last chapter on the pineal gland is also fascinating. it explains what happens in our brains when our expanded gifts or clairs are activated (and the meditations can help you expand your gifts).

He hooks up participants with sensors and measures brain activity, measures blood chemistry, genetic markers, etc., during 4-day advanced workshops and the findings are amazing how people’s brains and bodies can change in that time span. Think if you do these meditations daily. Think of how your healing practice can grow as well as you can tap into energy more deeply (and be less matter).

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