Open for Distant Healing Sessions and Closed for In-person Sessions and Courses

Due to the CoVid pandemic, I am only offering distant healing sessions and am temporarily not offering in person sessions and courses.

However, I am able to offer distant Reiki healing (or Arcturian healing) and angel life coaching sessions to you. This will allow you to keep up with your self-care and manage your anxiety and fear. In a distant healing treatment, I use a proxy (or substitute) to represent you during the session that helps to connect us energetically, along with a special distant healing Reiki symbol, which allows me to send the energy to someone in another geographic location. This is quantum theory-based energy healing. When I teach this method to my Level 2 Reiki students, they are always amazed that they can sense energy and obtain other information from an empty massage table. My clients who receive these treatments note their efficacy and are amazed at what we both sense during a session. As noted above, I can also do the distant healing session with Arcturian healing energy if you prefer.

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In my studio, I set up the room just like I would for an in-person Reiki treatment. I place a picture of you or your address on the pillow and go through all the same steps and hand positions that I normally do. Most of my clients combine this with an angel life coaching session, with their treatment including a 45-minute Reiki session and a 15-minute angel life coaching session. I sense and receive all the same information that I do in an in-person treatment. As part of the angel life coaching session, you also get a guided mini card reading.

On your end, you would set a time when you can relax and tune into the energy. There are 3 options for a distant healing session: we can do the full session over the phone or via Skype or Zoom or we can schedule a short chat before the session begins to discuss how you have been since I last saw you and what your intention for the session is. Then you can lay down for an hour and just see what you sense during the session. Then after the session, just like an in-person session, you will receive detailed notes about where there were blockages and what else I sensed about your energy body in the Reiki session. For the angel life coaching session, you will get notes indicating which guides were present, what their key messages were.

So, if you are interested in some amazing self-care in the face of this outbreak that doesn’t require you to leave your home, this is a wonderful opportunity to try a distant healing and angel life coaching treatment. Many of my clients find that they do sense energy and other sensations during the session and find it as effective as an in-person session.

A 1-h session is $100 and a link for payment is provided on IfPayment is required 24-h before your appointment time. Contact me at to book your appointment.

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