Importance of your Daily Spiritual Practice

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I encourage my clients and students to develop their own daily spiritual practice so they can work on healing themselves and connecting with Spirit each and every day.

What is a daily spiritual practice and why is it important?

A daily spiritual practice is a number of activities you incorporate into your daily routine that helps you feel connected, supported, and  helps you to have perspective on life’s ups and downs.  It is something very personal. It should resonate and work with you. What works for another won’t necessarily be what works for or fits you.

Ideally these activities are spread out throughout your day – say one in the morning, one at lunch, and one right before you go to bed, so you are reminded you are connected, grounded, and supported  throughout the day. I also note that I use the term spiritual in a loose way. In that something that is a special spiritual experience for you might just be an ordinary task in another’s day.

Here are some examples of activities you can include in your daily routine that allow you to connect:

  • spending time in nature in a very present way. Walking meditation is a lovely way to learn to do this
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  • treating a bath or shower as a sacred experience where you tune your senses into what you are experiencing and quiet your inner chatter
  • meditating
  • doing a Reiki self-treatment
  • doing yoga
  • any daily self-care ritual that is done with love
  • praying
  • chanting
  • listening to music that inspires you (this doesn’t mean that has to be spiritual music – lyrics can be meaningful and move you regardless of the genre)
  • journaling
  • gratitude practice (giving thanks for 10 things/people/moments in your day that vary in importance)
  • cleansing yourself and your space
  • shielding yourself and your space
  • reading a book, poetry, or articles that inspire you

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  • looking at images, something or someone that inspire you
  • having a sacred beverage (e.g., tea) in absolute presence
  • taking some calming full belly breaths
  • doing inspiring visualizations (e.g., seeing your body filled with loving light)
  • practicing forgiving on a daily basis (what do I need to be forgiven for today and what can I forgive another for today)
  • letting go of fault-finding (criticizing and judging ourselves or others)
  • connecting with and being kind to other people and animals
  • any acts of service done with love and compassion
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I think two key elements of any daily spiritual practice should include cleansing yourself and your space as well as shielding. Preferably this is done before getting out of bed in the morning and before falling asleep at night. The cleansing helps remove any negative residues or energy and the shielding helps keep your positive energy intact.  Smudging is a great way to cleanse yourself and your space.  It can be done with a tiny stick of lightly scented incense and even unlit incense or sage (just by intention). You can also cleanse with a visual exercise even from your bed. Picture your outer four walls being cleansed and covered with divine indigo or white light, then the floor and spaces below, the ceiling and spaces above, and then all of the spaces between the four outer walls and floor and ceiling being filled and purified by this light. Then you can do the same for your aura, picturing this light filling you and cocooning you. For shielding, which follows cleansing, you can do a simple visualization of seeing yourself surrounded by white light that deflects any negative energy and keeps your energy intact. You can read more on shielding on my post: 

Try to include 3 to 4 activities including the cleansing and shielding.  So a routine could include going for a walk at lunch and then making a 10-item gratitude list in your head before bed.  This daily practice practice helps remind us that we’re safe and okay, that there is peace in the present moment, and we are in control of our thoughts and how we see the world.

Tailor your daily practice to suit your loves and what inspires you. What makes you feel bliss? What makes you feel connected to this world we live in and the other people and creatures that we share this space with (realizing oneness isn’t abstract)? Play around with adding different activities until you find the right mix. Then stick to it for a month and see how you feel.  Check in with yourself and see do I have a more balanced perspective when I experience a surprise or down turn in my life? Am I more grateful for all that I have and experience in my life? Do I feel more love for myself? Do I feel more love and compassion and less judgement for others? These practices help you feel connected to Spirit, the Universe, God, whatever terminology you prefer and bring you calm and peace and love.

Do share if you have anything you use in your daily spiritual routine that inspires and heals you.

Many blessings


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  1. Hi, Melanie!

    So lovely to read one of your blogs again. I have been missing them during the hiatus you’d taken. I really really love this one: Lots of examples and expanding our preconceptions of what spiritual practice can be.

    Take care, Love and light to you! 💞🌠💜

    Tazmin A Shariff Sent from my iPad


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