Kyle Gray’s 111-day Raise your Vibration Challenge

If you’re one of my clients or students, you’ve probably picked a card from one of Kyle’s oracle card decks when you were on your way out (for some extra guidance).  His cards are incredibly accurate for guidance and contain uplifting and unique messages.

Kyle, who is one of Hay House’s top angel experts is posting a daily video on his YouTube Channel in a 111-day challenge to Raise your Vibration.

kyle gray2
Kyle Gray

He is based out of Glasgow and is a 28-year old author and yogi who experienced connections to divine beings from a young age.  He has the loveliest, happiest, sunniest, purest energy and a wonderful outlook on life and how to connect with spirit.  His spirit reminds me of a young curious child.

Last year I completed his Hay House Connect with Your Angels course ( when Hay House had a special on and really enjoyed it.  Kyle is an amazing storyteller and I think my favorite part of the course are the stories he shares.  He also includes a bonus yoga workout.


As soon as I found out about this challenge, I was committed to giving it a try. If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, and 2018 does feel like a year of deep inner change, why not start out your day with an inspiring and uplifting video with Kyle.  You could listen to this before you get out of bed or even do this while you’re making your breakfast, commuting to work, or getting ready.  The challenge started in the beginning of January and if you sign up for Kyle’s YouTube channel you’ll get daily updates.

Here is Video #1 to get you started:

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