What Happens at my Reiki Share?

I host a Reiki share once a month for my students so thought I’d write a post on what happens at these shares for students of mine who haven’t attended a share with me before of for anyone thinking of studying Reiki with me.

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You can attend Reiki shares throughout the Lower Mainland.  The Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) provides a list of shares that take place across Canada on their website (http://www.reiki.ca/exchanges.htm). There may be non-CRA shares in your community; attending a CRA share means there will be a Reiki Master present.  Attending a Reiki share gives you an opportunity to both give and receive a Reiki treatment regardless of whether you have experienced or studied Reiki before. If you are just looking to experience or learn more about Reiki this is a great way to try it. The cost of the shares is usually quite low compared to getting a treatment from a certified practitioner. If you are attending a CRA share, a Reiki Master may perform an empowerment attunement to help open you to the Reiki energy.

For my students, I host this exclusive share so they have an opportunity to practice the Unified Reiki they learned in class with me and to share their healing energy. IMG_20130901_151452I don’t charge my students for my share but do provide a list of charities they can make a small donation to if they’d like to share their gratitude. This share gives my students an opportunity to practice their new skills, regardless of which level of Reiki they have, connect with other like-minded individuals, find out how their energy is received or how they receive and sense energy from different people, and gain practicum hours for their Canadian Reiki Association certification as a practitioner. This also provides a safe, positive, and non-judgmental environment for students to share what they sense and experience when they give and receive Reiki energy and learn more about gifts they may have.

The share has a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants. Each person receives a treatment during the share and will give treatments to 2 to 5 people (depending on the number of participants). Each person gets a chance to play a different role during the share. For example, they may be leading a treatment during the share, which includes providing the invocation for the session, leading the session, and then closing the session; or perhaps, they may be the timer for the session keeping track of time and letting participants know when it’s time to change hand positions.

The monthly share I host is 2 hours long. The first half hour of the share consists of a short round of introductions or if everyone has attended the share before catching up a bit with each other. Then we listen to a guided meditation. My current favorite for the shares is a Doreen Virtue cleansing meditation, where everyone is cleared and energized before they start the share. There are specially themed shares throughout the year. For example, during an equinox, we may do a different meditation or activity.   Then for the remaining 1.5 hours everyone takes turns at both giving and receiving Reiki energy.

IMG_20150224_203044What people experience at the share will vary with the group of people present and what issues they bring to the session. Typically, as people go up in Levels of Reiki, continue their self-treatments, and continue to raise their frequency and open to the energy, they find what they experience at the share changes over time.

You can attend the share regardless of whether you are studying with me on an ongoing basis or if you stop at Level One.  You sign up for attending the share; however, if maximum attendance is reached, the people who are actively trying to complete their practicum with the CRA are given priority for spots in the share. It truly is a lovely and special evening each and every time. If you have any questions about the shares or studying with me, feel free to contact me.

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