Spring Post – What does Dr. Oz have to say about Reiki? and Upcoming Caregiver Event


Ah it’s spring in Vancouver. You can’t beat those blue sky days in Vancouver in the spring that feel like a gorgeous summer day..even if the next day it feels like winter again.  Seeing plants start blooming in the spring always makes me feel gratitude for living in such a beautiful part of the world and excites me for the beauty that will enfold in the coming days. It also reminds me to let myself blossom and shine.

For this month’s post I am writing about Dr. Oz and what he has to share and say about Reiki and about a Caregiver event coming up on the North Shore, where I am giving complimentary Indian head massages to people who graciously give day in and out to their friends and family.

Dr. Oz and Reiki

It’s fantastic to see a doctor as well-known and respected as Dr. Oz being an advocate for Reiki. I really appreciate how Dr. Oz tries to inform and educate his North American audience, and open their minds to non-Westernized approaches and empower them to take control of their own health through nutrition, exercise, and other preventative approaches. On a show where he talked about alternative medicine, he, as you can see in this video, is most excited about the potential of energy medicine. Dr. Oz’s wife is a Reiki Master and he has shared how she’ll be writing symbols on his back when he’s turned around to help heal and protect him.  Dr. Oz apparently  has Reiki practitioners in his cardiac surgery rooms while surgeries are conducted.  I thought I would share this video with you from his show on benefits of Reiki.

Caregivers Event on the North Shore

One of my lovely clients invited me to join her in an event she is hosting celebrating National Caregiver’s Week.  The event is taking place on May 10th in West Vancouver to inspire and care for people who are are unpaid caregivers for friends and family.  I will be giving complimentary 15-minute Indian head massages at the event. There will be other wellness stations at the event and a music segment with rhythm and drumming.   If this speaks to you or someone you know please pass this on. Registration for the event is $10 and more info is provided if you click the link posted below.

NSCR Heart&Soul 2013

Wishing you all a blossoming spring!

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