New!!! Reiki-Charged Chakra Crystal Collection

Chakra Crystal Collection

I have created a special set with Reiki-charged semi-precious crystals that you can use to continue with your Reiki treatment at home, help clear energy blockages and improve energy flows, and enhance your meditation practice.  Currently available for sale for $30 at my North Vancouver studio and sold on Etsy:

Each set includes:

  • 7 semi-precious crystals that have been charged with Reiki energy;
  • a booklet that outlines how to use the kit and includes information on chakras, their properties, characteristics of imbalanced chakras, and description of crystal properties (this information comes from Reiki Level 1 Class); and,
  • a sacred bag to hold your crystals.
Image of chakras from
Image of chakras from

Each crystal in the set has unique healing properties and has been chosen to be used on a specific chakra:

  • clear quartz – crown chakra,
  • amethyst – third eye chakra,
  • aventurine – throat chakra,
  • rose quartz – heart chakra,
  • yellow calcite – solar plexus chakra,
  • moonstone – sacral chakra, and;
  • hematite – base chakra.

By placing these Reiki-charged crystals over the chakras they can help unblock and enhance energy flows.  You can use the whole set of crystals by placing the crystals over each chakra while lying down (preferably while you are mediating or focusing on releasing blockages). You can also use the crystals independently, to address an issue with a problematic chakra.  You can carry the crystals with you or also sleep with them in your pillowcase.  Crystals should be cleansed monthly by placing them in the moonlight during the full moon, setting an intention when you do so to cleanse the crystals of any negative energy and let them be charged with light energy. I am also happy to cleanse and recharge them for you with Reiki energy when you come for a treatment.

The bag the crystals are stored in is quite special and has images of a Buddhist monk (LP Koon) who is said to bring luck and the bag carries inscriptions wishing the carrier abundance, happiness, and luck. It is the perfect place to store your stones when not in use.

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