Holiday Self Care


The holidays are coming.  Many of us are empaths can find this season very overwhelming.  If you are clairsentient (knowing by feeling) you may sense what others are feeling (stress, anxiety, sadness) so a room full of people can be a lot to process and be around. So the loudness in the room can occur on many levels, when you receive information in various ways. No need to isolate and stress and hide out by yourself on the sofa.

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When you have expanded senses or gifts, however you wish to refer to them, it doesn’t mean you have to hide from the world.  You may have found it difficult to be highly sensitive as a child and that has continued in your adult life. However, now that you are an adult you can take responsibility for how you encounter the world.  Spiritual practices like Reiki can be used to clear your space and your energy and to calm and soothe you.   Shielding, which I wrote about in this post  is the tool you use to buffer yourself from the outer world.  If you have studied Reiki, you can sign the Reiki symbol for protection over your heart before you leave your car or walk into the room at your event (and repeat as needed when you feel an energy boundary being pushed).  So you clean and shield yourself before you go to an event.

If you are hosting the event you have the added luxury of taking additional steps to keep your space full of lovely energy.  You can place a bowl of water with some sea salt in your space to absorb some of that energy (and discard it after the event).   You can light some candles and set the intention that they burn away any tension or negativity and infuse the room with love and peace and calm. You can open a window in the room you are entertaining in and ask the earth to restore and replenish the energy in the room as needed.

The other thing you can do for self-care is to turn off your inner voice and ego and turn up your self-awareness and be fully present. When we get together with family and friends our wounded version of our self can pop up. Our ego can try to protect us from future hurts by reminding us of the hurts of the past, so our defensive shields can come up and our ego can interpret what we are hearing and seeing around us.  A look or a comment can turn into an inner dialogue where we think someone is judging us again (based on something that happened or was said in the past).  We might be comparing ourselves to others either thinking we are superior or inferior (another thing our ego likes to do to separate us from others).  If you can let go of these little interpretive dialogues and be present you might find you see something in the person you think you know so well as you are talking to them (hmm… maybe they are just looking for acceptance too). Maybe the one who brags so much is really insecure amongst your group and you may sense their nervousness.  Maybe a person has changed and you can witness that and see you actually have more in common than you did or can connect with them in a way you never have before.  Just be open to listening and observing and letting go of the stories of the past.  One message my guides stress is that is so, so, so important to be ourselves, to be authentic. So try doing that and not worrying about what others think. Share something personal about yourself (maybe a woo-woo workshop you attended) instead of shutting down and being defensive. It can be liberating to be you and to find the acceptance inside of you that comes with that.

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If you need to refresh or regroup or hit the reset button, you can go for a little walk outside and ask the earth to take some of the energy building away from you (visualizing it moving down your feet).  If you have studied Reiki you can do a quick mini session in the bathroom just holding your hands on your heart and asking to be replenished and restored.  Sit for a minute and look around the room and find something to appreciate about each and every person in the room.  That will instantly shift your mood and energy. Remember all everyone wants is love and acceptance so try to be the source of that for yourself and if you can, offer that to others (even if it’s for a minute).

Take these steps so you can shine your inner light this holiday!!!

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