The Power of Affirmations

An affirmation is a declaration that something is true.  Saying affirmations to yourself daily can be a powerful practice..if you truly feel the words when you say them.  If you say the affirmations out loud or in your mind and they don’t feel true, it’s a sign that there’s work you need to do on your internal beliefs. Our internal beliefs are shaped by our life experiences. We can carry around “tapes” of old outdated thoughts from our past, our childhoods, that play in our mind without us even being aware of them..and when we encounter similar experiences in our adult life..those same tapes automatically play in our mind (e.g., I’m am not good, lovable, smart [fill in the blank] enough).  Having negative or limiting thoughts about yourself or your life is something you can change and replace with positive thoughts if you practice saying daily affirmations.  It may take time for them to feel true but the awareness that you have negative thoughts and you are working on changing them is hugely empowering and a wonderful first step.   I encourage you to come up with a list of affirmations and read them to yourself in the mirror, making eye contact, and feel how it feels when you do that.   It took me a solid 6 months of  doing that myself before they felt true.  Now I do affirmations daily and they energize and empower me.

Here are some examples from Louise Hay’s book entitled Loving Thoughts, which my Reiki master kindly gifted me. You can search for other examples online and pick ones that resonate or feel important for you to work on.  The Loving Thoughts book organizes them into categories of loving yourself, health and healing, increasing prosperity, and a perfect day. I’ve included a few randomly selected affirmations from these categories for you to consider adding to your list:

  • Today love works miracles in my life;
  • Today I have a harmonious and loving relationship with my family;
  • Today I choose thoughts that support and nourish me;
  • Today I move forward with confidence and ease;
  • Today I am secure with myself in all situations;
  • Today and every day my health is getting better all the time;
  • Today it is safe to let the love in; and
  • Today begins a new era of prosperity and security.

You can also flip open the book and ask for an affirmation for the day.  Get a small list of affirmations together and give it a try.  This is an easy and simple way to implement positive changes in your life. 🙂

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