New Offering!!! Mentoring

I am now offering mentoring sessions to my clients and students.  I know time with me in a class or a session goes by quickly and you all have lots of questions and curious minds.  The mentoring service can work in conjunction with your Reiki and angel life coaching sessions and/or Reiki classes with me. This service can provide you with guidance and training to help you:

  • understand what I call expanded sensory abilities (also referred to as gifts or clairs) and how to reawaken, strengthen, understand, and use them
  • help students who want one-on-one instruction to understand how you are receiving information or sensing blockages during a Reiki session and/or want to help build your skills and understanding
  • help you connect with and sense your guides
  • if you’re a client and get your homework assignments from me after a session and want me to help you work on your assignments in a more interactive way
  • help you to develop a daily spiritual practice that resonates with you to keep you present and grounded and feeling connected and loved
  • help you to practice positive relationship dynamics (like observing and helping to shine a light for others) rather than draining dynamics  (like fixing or worrying)
  • some other aspect of your spiritual path or challenges (like going through transitions or changes in your life)
  • help you to develop a cleansing and shielding routine that resonates with you to help you keep yourself, your spaces, and portals clear of negative energy
  • help you develop a gratitude and refocusing practice
  • help you to develop self-love
  • help you with more in-depth forgiveness work, or
  • try to answer any other questions you might have about Spirit

The cost of a 1.5 h session is $135.

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