Arcturian Healing

In addition to Reiki healing sessions, I also offer Arcturian healing sessions.  Arcturian healing is a quantum-based healing approach.I have studied Levels 1 and 2 of the Arcturian Healing Method with Gene Ang, Ph.D.. Gene is a exceptionally-gifted healer based in the US who has a scientific background (Ph.D from Yale University in Neurobiology) and has channeled this healing method.

Gene Ang, PhD
Gene Ang

My experiences working with this energy have indicated that Arcturian energies are more celestially-based than those used in Unified Reiki, which is more earth-based energy. I find when I run this healing energy it moves in a more complex pattern and offers dense clairvoyant information to aid in healing.

Session Cost

The costs for Arcturian healing sessions are outlined below. Payment options are cash, cheque, credit card, Pay Pal, or e-transfer.  Payment through PayPal or e-transfer must be made before 24 h before your appointment begins. E-transfer payments can be sent to

 1 hr session (standard) – $100


1 hr session with 1/2 hr add-on Angel Life Coaching (1 1/2 hr) – $150


45 min session with 15 min add-on Angel Life Coaching (1 hr) – $100


30 min session with add-on 30 min Reiki healing (1 hr) – $100


Session Options

Techniques that can be used in Arcturian Healing sessions include:

  • Arcturian Healing Light Session – this can be sent with or without a specific intention. This is often combined with other Arcturian healing techniques including symbol and spin techniques.
  • Specific healing sessions focused on physical body including:
    • Nervous System: Arcturian Neural Net technique is used for issues with brain and nervous system function including degenerative conditions (Parkinson’s, MS)
    • Endocrine System: Arcturian Endocrine Activation technique is used for issues with adrenals (e.g., stress), pineal gland (e.g., sleep disorders), ovaries/testes, parathyroid, thyroid, and pituitary gland (e.g., menstrual issues)
    • Cellular Systems:  Arcturian Repatterning of Cells technique is used for any type of cell-based disease, injury, or issue with cells and structures of physical body. This treatment can be focused on specific cell types as well.
  • Arcturian Blueprint Activation Session – focused on clearing any limiting beliefs adopted that are obstacles and then opening you to divine will. This session requires a total treatment time 240 min (split into multiple sessions). Can also be used for emotional and psychological healing.

I can tailor an in-person session to your needs and if you like combine it with other services I offer (e.g., Reiki treatment or Angel Life Coaching). I am an intuitive healer and use information I receive and sense to guide and direct the session. I do also receive a stream of intuitive guidance  and give you the client the option of receiving the messages that come through by adding on an Angel Life Coaching Session or Card Reading (I am certified for both).  You can also of course choose to have a standard Arcturian session which does not include channeled guidance.  Most people, however, do find information received resonates deeply with them and is helpful and healing.

I also perform distance healing sessions, which involve using a proxy (e.g., picture) for person receiving the energy.  The session is conducted in much the same way a regular session would be carried out if you were in the treatment room with me.  Using this approach, Arcturian energy can be sent to a person in a different geographic location.  I perform the session just as if the person is in the room with me and provide feedback on what I sense during our time together. This is also a great service to offer a family or friend who lives in a different part of the country or world and could use some healing energy.

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