Angel Life Coaching and Readings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI offer Angel Life Coaching and Angel Tarot Card readings to my clients as either separate stand-alone treatments or in combination with other treatments.

I am a certified Archangel Life Coach (ALC).  I studied Archangel Life Coaching with Charles Virtue, Doreen Virtue’s son, to better understand and work with channeled guidance I receive during Reiki sessions.   Clients find angel life coaching is very helpful in guiding them on their path and purpose in life and overcoming obstacles that block their happiness and flow. My clients find the guidance they receive resonates deeply with them and helps them open, heal and release. Many of my clients combine this service with their Reiki treatment.  The most common combination is for a 1.5 h session – with a 1-hr Reiki treatment along with discussion of channeled guidance and time for questions (cost of $97.50).

angeltarotI also am a certified Angel Tarot Card Reader who studied with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  Angel Tarot Cards combine the wisdom of a traditional tarot deck with the power and higher and lighter frequency energy of the angels.  The whole deck designed by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine has been infused with clarity and light.  A half-hour card reading can be used to check-in and see what messages there are for you and the wisdom that can be seen in the cards. It can be particularly helpful following a combined Reiki and life-coaching session to see what further guidance there is on whatever subject came up during the session or if you have a particular question you want guidance on.  The cost of a half-hour reading is $45. I encourage my clients to calm and center themselves prior to a reading to help the right questions and guidance flow to them with ease (if you have a Reiki session beforehand..this is not necessary).

Both services are also offered through a combination of Skype/email for those who live outside Vancouver.

Here is what my clients have to say about their Angel Life Coaching (combined with Reiki) sessions:

“Melanie is more than just a Reiki practitioner. She is an extraordinarily gifted healer who channels very pure and profound levels of insight to tailor each individual’s needs. She is strongly connected to very high vibration energy and intricately sees into my blocks in ways no one ever has. Melanie also works on two of my family members and what she does for each of us is different and unique according to our individual needs. Most importantly she has a kind, loving, compassionate nature. You can tell she really cares about what she is doing and the people she is working with. I am an energy healer myself and I appreciate how clean and pure the energy is in her therapy space. I see that she does a lot of inner work herself to keep her vessel clean and clear for herself  and her clients. I highly recommend going to see Melanie for healing based on her immense compassion, professionalism, and strong intuitive gifts. “

“I learned about Melanie through a friend. When I heard how my friend’s Reiki session with Melanie went, I knew I had to book one for myself.  Melanie has a wonderful calming energy about her that I found very soothing.  She creates a lovely, peaceful environment so that you can relax and gain the most benefits from her treatment.  I have had other Reiki sessions, but none were as in-depth as with Melanie.  Her training as an Archangel Life Coach provides an additional layer to the insights Melanie is able to provide to her clients.  No previous Reiki session has left me with such clear insight into my current situation and what I need to work on to move forward.  Afterwards I felt as though I was walking on air and I am still reaping the benefits of that initial session.  Thank you, Melanie!”

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